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Lot 2, QaLaTKu7em, British Columbia, CANADA

P.O. Box 610, Mount Currie, British Columbia V0N 2KO

(604) 966-3722

Last Updated January 2023


Chief Brock Peters

Councilor Magnus Turner

Councilor Allison Asapace

Councilor Dustin French


Clara Smith, Acting Administrator

Office: 604-966-3722

Cell: 604-938-4255

Debra Smith, Social Development

and Indian Registry Administrator

Office: 604-966-3722

Cell: 604-698-7906

John Purcell, Education Coordinator

Office: 604-966-3722

Trina Paul, Administrative Assistant

Office: 604-966-3722

Jane Sam, Finance Clerk

Office: 604-966-3722

Calvin Smith, Housing & Maintenance

Office: 604-966-3722

Cell: 604-698-7128

Madeline Williams, Community Health Rep

Office: 604-966-3722

Esther Smith, Reception

Office: 604-966-3722

Aloysium Smith, Eco Depot Attendant

and Water Testing


Office: 604-966-3722

William Elser, Custodian


Office: 604-966-3722


Southern Stl'atl'imx Health Society


Lower Stl'atl'imx Tribal Council


Questions or concerns?

Please bring all questions and concerns to Clara Smith, Acting Administrator

Office: 604-966-3722   |    Cell: 604-938-4255

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