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The BC treaty negotiations process is voluntary and open to all First Nations in British Columbia.

A “First Nation” in the BC treaty negotiations process is a self-defined governing body, established and mandated by its people within its traditional territory in BC to enter into treaty negotiations with Canada and British Columbia. The BCTC Agreement and legislation set out this principle of self-definition, and is consistent with the principle of self-determination.


Political negotiation is the most constructive and practical means to address the complex issues relating to Aboriginal rights and title. Indigenous sovereignty is a foundational principle of Indigenous Rights. 

Under the BC treaty negotiations process, each First Nation, Canada and BC may introduce any issue at the negotiation table that it views as significant to the new relationship. True reconciliation requires a sharing of sovereignty between Indigenous Nations and the governments of Canada and British Columbia. The negotiation of treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements can accomplish this. 

Although each treaty negotiation is unique, comprehensive treaties will address:

  • First Nations government structures and related financial arrangements

  • Jurisdiction and ownership of lands, waters and resources

  • Cash settlements


Treaties will also establish processes for amendment and resolving disputes. They are living documents that can evolve over time. 

Information taken from BC Treaty Commission website.

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